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POWER SOURCE AND ENERGY: Monohydrate of creatine

Action. Creatine really increases force and endurance of muscles. Creatine pumps additional water in muscle cells. And the more waters in our muscles, the they are more elastic and best of all reduced. At the expense of an additional dobor of water body weight in the first weeks of reception of creatine can increase by 2-2.5 kg.
Possible anabolic steroid forum side effects. Are not revealed.
Application. Accept monohydrate of creatine with a large amount of water soon after training or after food.
Dosage. 3 grams a day. (And 20 grams a day within the very first week of reception of creatine. It is called loading.)

BURNER of FAT: Ephedrine and caffeine

Action. Ephedrine and caffeine on couple help to dump with great dispatch fat, and also raise a muscular and mental tone. On rates of a zhiroszhiganiye this combination does not know to itself equal.
Possible side effects. Sleeplessness, nervous excitement, feeling of alarm, nausea. The preparation is contraindicated to people with heart troubles.
Application. Begin with one third recommended daily doses to check the reaction to this additive. Then gradually raise a dose. That the preparation earned, it is necessary to accept it many months (in parallel with the trainings calculated on weight reduction). Incidental reception of an additive, practically, gives nothing.
Dosage. 20 mg of ephedrine three times a day; 200 mg of caffeine three times a day.


Action. It is known that protein consists of amino acids. And among them is also irreplaceable, i.e. such which our organism is not able to synthesize independently. Such amino acids can be received only with food. Yes here only for this purpose it is necessary to go on specially developed diet. Protein concentrates anabolic steroid forum solve a problem as they contain all scale of amino acids without withdrawals with ease. Other plus of proteinaceous mixes as food product - lack of fat and low calorie content.
Possible side effects. Are not revealed.
Application. The norm of reception makes 1.8-2 of protein on kilogram of your weight. There is a direct reason at once to measure all quantity, to mix in the blender with milk (water) and fruit, to pour in a thermos and to hire with themselves. It is necessary to accept mix 3-4 times a day, together with food or easy having a snack. Right after training it is recommended to refuel protein in number of 20-30 too.
Dosage. Single reception of protein should not exceed 50. Surplus simply will not be acquired.


Action. Amino acid glyutamin - the main amino-acid component of our muscles. In the course of training of a muscle spend glyutamin, here therefore it is necessary to make up for its losses due to reception of glyutaminovy additives. This basic condition! The matter is that glyutamin outright is responsible for immunity. Exhaustion of stocks of a glyutamin in muscles threatens with decrease in resilience of an organism.
Application. Dissolve a teaspoon with top (these are about 5 grams of a glyutamin) in a cup of water and at once drink; accept such portion of an additive twice a day.
Dosage. from 2 to 14 grams a day.

EASY FOOD: Pishchezameniteli

Action. It is about powder mix of proteinaceous and carbohydrate concentrates in a ratio, ideal for food. According to nutritionists, substitutes of food is an excellent way of food in way or at inconvenient work. By means of substitutes your daily diet will not suffer in sense of nutritiousness at all even if you have no chances to accept write normally.
Possible side effects. Are not revealed.
Application. Powder pishchezamenitel, as well as proteinaceous mixes, it is necessary to stir in water or on skim milk. For improvement of taste you can add fruit to cocktail, grind oatmeal or chocolate cookies. Pishchezamenitel usually prepare in advance and hire with themselves or to the road in a thermos.
Dosage. One packing contains 6-12 bags calculated on single reception. If your weight reads off scale for 90 kg, imt sense to part on time at once two bags.

How about vitamins?

Each bodybuilder has to have Multivitaminy and multmineralny complexes near at hand. Never accept vitamins on an empty stomach, otherwise you will get diarrhea. Both vitamins, and minerals accept together with food.
Whatever complex you chose, it without fail has to contain folic acid, B12 vitamin, selenium, magnesium and zinc. These are, so to speak, specifics of bodybuilding.
When you open packing with capsules, you will at once throw out vatu. It collects moisture and at the expense of it becomes an assemblage of different bacteria.
The recommended standard daily rate of all vitamins and minerals in one capsule or a tablet well will not go in in any way. Here therefore the producer is usually anabolic steroid forum saved on quantity. Exit one: to accept some vitamins and minerals in addition.

Here the best of such sets:

1) Magnesium and zinc: 450 mg of magnesium, 30 mg of zinc (plus 10,5 mg of B6 vitamin for the best assimilation of these minerals).
2) Calcium: 1000 mg a day
3) Vitamin E: 400 ME.
In case you have to be nervous much, it is worth accepting a complex of vitamins of group B surely. In the winter vitamin C is obligatory. In case you live in a climatic strip where you seldom see the sun, it is necessary to accept vitamin D in addition.
Well and last council: do not buy vitamins for the future. In the conditions of house storage they quickly lose the valuable properties.